Saturday, June 12, 2010

week one at the babson conference...busy busy busy

so after a week in Lausanne working for the Babson conference, it's time to move on to our next destination. i wish i could tell you what that was right now (zermatt or paris?) but we'll figure that out tomorrow. right now we're packing up everything at the conference, the participants are parting ways, and i'm essentially useless as far as clean-up goes because my brain body and feet are dead. thank GOD for nespresso. this week has lasted so long and yet we've seen so little of the city. we hope that this afternoon (post-very necessary nap of course) we will be able to venture into the heart of lausanne - the old city center which apparently has a beautiful gothic cathedral and quaint boutique shopping. a few friends from the conference said that they would show us around via bike tour this afternoon, so if we can summon any energy, that's our plan (i'm secretly hoping it starts raining so that's no longer an that bad?) i wish i could tell more about our week right now, but it's probably best if i work the registration table at this point. here are some pictures to fill you in on the trip so far:LB and i arrive in zurich lookin so fly in our backpacks...we walked around the city for an hour or so but since it was sunday it was quite calm and uneventful.

then we got to our amazing hotel room in lausanne which we spent far too little time sleeping in...

you can see the marina from our window...a very nice view that we had breakfast to most mornings (when we could squeeze in a sit-down meal).

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  1. I continue to be impressed by my globe trotting Granddaughter...and I admit a trifle jealous that I had to become an old guy before I could somewhat follow in her footsteps. Enjoy your trip and continue to keep us informed. Gramps