Saturday, June 12, 2010

still learning how to do this - here are the actually impressive pictures

so i'm not quite sure how this blog thing works, but i wanted to throw in a few more pictures from the actual conference. thursday night we went on a geneva harbor boat cruise, and friday night the awards dinner was at the beau-rivage palace....just as beautiful & fancy as it sounds. enjoy the pics!

inside the palace dining room:

the beautiful beau rivage:
us ladies on the palace balcony...glimpse of lausanne at its finest (mountains, lake, wine..)

on the boat in the geneva harbour:

again we on a boat:

ok love to all of you at home!!! peace out fo now.
xo, caro


  1. Great pix, have a great time and stay safe. Gramps

  2. Great pix Carolyn. Stay safe and don't talk to strangers :)

  3. aw this looks amazing! You two are the absolute best. lots and lots of love!! xxo

  4. amazing pics! looks like you both are having a blast!